The LOOK 2017
5 by 5 Challenge

Want to lose 5 in 5?

The 5 by 5 Challenge:
We challenge you to attend our 5 x 5 Bootcamp FREE for 5 days and you’ll lose 5 lbs., or you can keep coming in for FREE until you do!*


What You Get

  • FREE access to one Bootcamp class each day.
  • A FREE custom nutrition plan, designed and developed specially for you.

The Conditions

*Participants must adhere to these guidelines to be eligible for free bootcamp classes.

  • You must attend a Bootcamp class every day consecutively.
  • You must follow the nutrition plan that we develop uniquely for you. We’ll use the My Fitness Pal app to track your diet.
  • You must check in with us with a daily Social Media post so we can review your ongoing progress.

You have nothing to lose but the pounds!

No commitments, no contracts, no fees. We simply challenge you to attend the 5 x 5 Bootcamp class for 5 consecutive days while following your nutrition plan, and we’re sure you will lose 5 lbs.! And if you don’t, so long as you keep meeting the conditions, you can keep coming in for FREE!

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