The LOOK Fitness strives to provides a gym environment that is clean and safe for our clients, trainers and staff.



Recently we’ve all become more focussed on eliminating our exposure to infectious diseases, so we’ve responded by adding some practices to our existing routines. Keep reading to learn how we’re keeping you safer while you’re in the facility and how you can keep yourself and others protected.

If you’d prefer to stay home… remember, we always offer private and semi-private training remotely, so you can get fit and stay home, contact us to find out how.


The hunt for parking, the wait to use equipment because of the overpopulated membership, the un-stocked restrooms, the boutiques that promise individual attention but don’t even know your name… Most all of us have even tried working out at home with a video found on YouTube but when the battle between the couch and the workout begins, the couch usually wins (or we start watching prank reels!).

In 2012, I designed a concept of gym that would cater to the client. A facility that put the client first. With that concept I created The LOOK Fitness. A comfortable, convenient place to enjoy your workout. Our equipment is the most advanced in the market. It’s functional and adapts to you, unlike fixed machines where you have to adapt to it. With our private and semi-private format, you will always have a trainer dialed-in to help you achieve the best performance you’re capable of.

I wanted to create a gym environment that people enjoyed. To be different than all the gyms that are out there. A change from the nonsensical initiation fees, enrollment fees, the pressure sales, the constant nuisance of “the gym.”


Bryan Greene began his fitness career as a world-class competitive skier. After a career-ending hip/back injury, he began studying physical therapy and weight lifting to aid in his recovery. It worked, and in a matter of months after his major surgery, he began to share the experience and education of his rehabilitation with others.

He founded Fitness to You in 2007 to bring personalized fitness plans to many, helping them find the strength to succeed. He is known as THE private trainer to professional cheerleaders across the nation. Now, Bryan brings his unique style of training and personalized customer service to Newport Beach, California, with The LOOK Fitness.

Many thanks to everyone for their understanding and cooperation. We’re all in this together.

Bryan Greene, Founder of The LOOK Fitness

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