Private Fitness
Training Programs

Receive a workout plan designed around your needs and goals from one of our personal trainers and get guidance from them. Join The LOOK Fitness today and enjoy a complimentary consultation.


Personalized Workout

At our fitness facility, you get a workout plan that’s customized to work with your fitness level and goals. Your plan will be reviewed and updated each week, growing along with you as you progress through your fitness journey.

You’ll also get one-on-one sessions at our private training room with one of our highly skilled trainers.

Each trainer has undergone two months of training at The LOOK Fitness Private Academy. There, they were taught by other trainers as well as doctors and therapists to give them a comprehensive understanding of fitness and health.

With one of our trainers by your side, you’ll learn proper form for maximum safety and effectiveness, receive accurate insights into your fitness routine, and get results. Our LOOK Fitness app also allows you to easily follow your program and track your progress.


Why Private

Our personal trainers will help you bring your fitness journey to the next level. We’re here to support you in various ways:

  • We’lll help you set the right goals and show you how to achieve them.
  • You’ll be more accountable for your workout plan and be more motivated to stick to it.
  • You’re not just going to be fit. You’ll actually learn about fitness and how what you’re doing affects you.
  • Repetitive exercises make workouts feel like chores. A trainer will show you a greater variety of them.


Become a Private Training Member


Become a member of our fitness facility in Newport Beach and get an engaging, effective workout plan and a skilled trainer. If you’d like to see what it’s like here first, fill out our contact form and schedule a tour of our facility.