30 and 60-Minute
Private Stretching Sessions

Have our highly trained stretch specialists help you improve your mobility, performance, and reduce the risk of injury with private stretching sessions. Sign up today and become a The LOOK Fitness member.


Make the Most of
Your Training Program

At The LOOK Fitness, we use a variety of techniques to help you stretch and target specific muscles to increase your mobility and performance. This includes assisted stretches which can’t be done unless you have someone helping you and are far more effective than stretching alone.

So you get the most out of our sessions, we personalize your stretching routine and align it with your fitness goals. Many tend to ignore flexibility, but stretching and maintaining a flexible body are essential to staying physically fit.

Our 30 and 60-minute private stretching sessions aren’t just for workouts either. We recommend them for improving your daily life as increased mobility and reduced muscle stiffness will benefit you during all times of the day.


The Benefits

You’ll start to feel a great difference in your muscles and joints even just 15 minutes into one of our private stretching sessions. The numerous benefits of private stretching include:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased muscular stiffness, tension, and lower back pain
  • Post-exercise pain relief
  • Improved posture
  • Better circulation
  • Less risk of injury
  • Stress management


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