Private Personal Training Programs
in Newport Beach, Orange County

Reach your fitness goals with an effective personalized training program in Newport Beach from The LOOK Fitness. Stay engaged and progress faster through custom weekly workout and nutrition plans.


A Training Experience Tailored to Your Needs

At The LOOK Fitness, we make working out as effective and enjoyable for you as possible. Our personal trainers in Orange County will provide you with:

  • A personalized training program and nutrition plan
  • Access to a private training program
  • Private stretching sessions
  • Complimentary fitness and nutrition consultations
  • Our LOOK Fitness app

Register as a member today and get access to our state-of-the-art personal training facility in Newport Beach as well as our exercise and nutrition expertise.

Private Fitness

Our private clients in Newport Beach receive one-on-one training sessions. We’ll review and design your workout plan each week to keep you engaged, help you avoid boring routines, and get you through plateaus.

You’ll also get easy access to your workout plan through your LOOK Fitness app, and our trainers will guide you through each new exercise to ensure you’re performing each one with proper form for safety and effectiveness.



What you eat is just as important as how much you move and lift. That’s why we provide nutrition consultations to all our clients. Your custom nutrition plan is easy to follow in your LOOK Fitness app and your coach is just one button away if you have questions or need accountability. Whether you’re bulking up, maintaining what you’ve got, or seek to shed the pounds, we’ll get you eating right.



Our 30 and 60-minute private stretching sessions help optimize your workouts by:

  • Improving your performance
  • Increasing your flexibility
  • Decreasing risks of injury
  • Reducing muscular tension

We use a variety of stretching techniques to target specific muscles and joints depending on your workout plan for the day. The benefits also go beyond the gym, as our stretching sessions help you better stay in tune with your body’s needs and improve your posture.


Our Trainers
Are Your Trainers

You’ll have highly skilled, educated, and committed trainers to guide you through your personal training program. Each one has undergone two months of rigorous training at The LOOK Fitness Private Training Academy where they received guidance from doctors and therapists.

As a member, you’ll get only up-to-date fitness and nutrition information. Your personal training will have no dubious fads and fitness shortcuts, just proven, effective, and fulfilling methods for fitness.


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